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foto bokeh

     Bokeh or blur effect taken from Japanese which means similar is a photo that features some photos or objects that look sharp, while the rest will appear unfocused or blurred. The more blurry or the smoother the bokeh look (often termed the creamy bokeh), usually the photo will look more attractive. The basic principle is that the closer the camera to the subject of the photo, the bokeh is more easily created or by the selective focus method can also be done to produce the effect of bokeh because the part that is focused in the photo is only a certain part (selective). This can be achieved because we apply a small or narrow sharp field (shallow depth of field) in the selection of focus on the object. So when you shoot a model or object does not move looks wah and cool.

Foto Bokeh

     Bokeh quality is also highly determined and influenced by the optical quality of the lens in use. For example there are two lenses that focal length maximally the same, for example: 18-200mm / f5.6 lens and 70-200mm / f2.8 lens, then because the optical quality of this 70-200mm lens is much sharper than the 18-200mm lens then do not Wonder if the results of the photo effect bokehnya superior that uses lens 70-200mm / f2.8 and the price is also more expensive.

Foto Bokeh

Tips; "Then use the 70-200mm / f2,8 lens as much as possible using the f / 2.8" aperture.
As the larger the aperture, the better the effects of the bokeh it produces. If you have prime lenses, then wear them. Because prime lens or fixed lens, is a lens that has a single focal length (lenses can not be zoomed) and prime lens generally produces a very good bokeh photo because it has a very large aperture opening. The prime lens we need to know is the type 50mm f / 1.4 or 50mm f / 1.8, 85mm f / 1.4 or 85mm f / 1.8. Good luck yaa ..

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