The shooting championship in commemoration of the anniversary of DANREM 011 LILAWANGSA 2017

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Championship participants in the PCP class are aiming for Silhouette's target, Photo by: Bambang Junaidi (2017©)

  The shooting championship in commemoration of the anniversary of DANREM 011 LILAWANGSA in the general field of Sudirman of Lhokseumawe City which was held on 29 - 30 April 2017, Palapa SC Kota Lhokseumawe was appointed as the executor during this activity which was enlivened by dozens of Shooting Club from Lhokseumawe City, North Aceh, Bireuen, Langsa City, East Aceh, Bener Meriah, Banda Aceh and several other areas of Aceh Province. Classes are contested namely Class UKLIK and PCP (Metal Silhouette Multi Range Non Magazine) using RWS Meerkugeln type 4.5 mm mimis type.

Photo JurnalisticPhoto Jurnalistic

  Boundary shooting area and target silhouette. 
Photo by: Bambang Junaidi (2017©)

Photo Jurnalistic
The committee is rearranging a silhouette that has been shot down by a championship participant,
Photo by: Bambang Junaidi (2017©)
       The UKLIK CLASS (Disaster Target Pump Gun) uses a 4.5 mm caliber pump. Mimis used type RWS Meisterkugeln 4.5 mm caliber that has been provided by the committee. Time provided to complete the target target for 8 (eight) minutes in which the target consists of 3 lacques namely: 1 correction with 3 shots and 2 random assessments with the number of each 5 shots at a distance of 10 meters with a total shot of 10 shots ). The specified time is 2 minutes for 3 rounds of correction and 4 minutes each for a score of 5 shots per shot.

       This championship is open to the public which was held on 29th - 30th April 2017, the class that competed namely Class UKLIK and Class PCP: 17M, 25M, 33M, 41M While Shooting CLUB who enroll in this championship consists of: BIREUEN SC, PALAPA SC , TIRA SC, MPSC, SIWAH SC, NISHOM SC, KODIM Aceh EAST, MALIKUSSALEH SC, PASKHAS SC, BESC,  BLACK EAGLE SC, Aceh TAMIANG SC, BRATA SC and GENERAL.

Photo Jurnalistic
Championship participants in UKLIK class are aiming for Lesan, Photo by: Bambang Junaidi (2017©)

      While for PCP class (Metal Silhouette Multi Range) type of PCP / Caliber 4.5 mm Caliber weapon with single targeted target shoot system Non Magazine target consists of 15 metal silhouette (in sitting position) consisting of: Chicken Silhouette, Pig, Turkey And sheep each 1 pcs at a distance of 17; 25 and 33 meters and for targets with a range of 41 meters Silhouette used is Silhouette Chicken, Pork, Turkey 1 pcs each within 8 minutes with the number of mimis (4.5 mm caliber) amounted to 15 grains. The shooter is required to drop the silhouette sequentially from one to the last frame (at 41 meters) and for the successful participants it is entitled to enter the final round and to determine the winner in the final round each participant is given 3 grains of mimis to shoot the lesan precisely and accurately on 30 meters distance.

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