Fahri Aisya Aira " I Miss U"

Model Aceh
Fahri Aisya Aira " I Miss U" on BW Portrait, Photo By: Bambang Junaidi ©2017.
Fahri (a girl) is sitting staring at something and is being thought of by her as she sits in a studio room when the stylist is directing the pose that the photographer wants. By wearing a simple dress and casual white shirt and motif stylish motifs it gives its own feel with the concept of relaxed and the usual dikupakannya dikesehariannya he beraktivitas.

Using the candid portrait technique Fahri successfully frozen with a pose that should not be. His mood is also lacking, the expression still has not shown anything desired by photographers who want to shoot his style in a shooting session with the concept of casual and hijab.

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