BBJ Portrait with Old VW Car

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BBJ Portrait with Old VW Car at a Station Premium Coffee Shop in Lhokseumawe Town.
Photo by, Bambang Junaidi  ©2017.
One night, while I was walking down the lane of Lhokseumawe, I saw a painting of a painted VW car on a wall of a coffee shop in the city of Lhokseumawe. then I think, good also this painting. Why do not I try to take a photo? When I was watching carefully the painting, then I remembered it would be nice if the painting was photographed with the presence of a model.

Then because no model was willing to style in front of the fresco, then I make a conclusion why do not I just try to photograph it with my own model. Of course this is not a wonder in the world of photography.

Then the question arises, how can I photograph myself with that wide angle? of course for a photographer this kind of problem must be fast and can be solved with as soon as possible because the mood of photography is at that time. So, I opened my memory sheet for the photographing technique with that style. The result, as I show this.

I think it's not bad for a photographic work done with the techniques I've learned so far. Do not forget the criticism and input from You?! See you soon in my next photography work.

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