Fried rice with egg

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Fried rice with egg, Photo by: Bambang Junaidi ©2017.
Fried rice is a common favorite food that can be found in Indonesia. This food is one of the many menus for a culinary snack that is there and almost whole in Indonesia. but the bit that distinguishes it is the taste and the dish could be because of the area where the food is made so that there are characteristics for a region.

Fried rice is synonymous with the food menu for boarding children that they are students who study outside the area or city from where they came from. Nasi goreng other than easy to do is also simple in the presentation, but with a little creations and innovations then this fried rice menu can be part of a special meal to be served in a series of certain events such as birthday events and other small and large meetings . Of course for those of you who like it.

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