Portrait of Karateka daughters of Aceh

Black and White Photography, Karateka of Aceh, Pra PORA Aceh Tengah, PORA, Gentala Shentong,
Portrait of Karateka daughters of Aceh, Photo by: Bambang Junaidi ©2017.
A karateka daughter who is taking a break after competing in KOR GORETA Gentala Takengon at Pre PORA selection to compete in Aceh Sports Week (PORA) in Aceh Besar in 2018 that will come.
In the previous game he managed to win a kumite game by a princess.

Sport Photography, Pra PORA Takengon, PORA, FORKI Aceh, Gentala Shentong,
A karateka daughters of Aceh momentarily take a rest period before continuing the game,
in GOR KONI Gentala Takengon., Photo by: Bambang Junaidi ©2017.
Karateka kumite female athletes who compete for tickets to perform in the next match at the Aceh Sports Week (PORA) in Aceh Besar in 2018 that will come. This year's Pre PORA Championship is followed by 21 districts / cities in Aceh from 23 regencies / cities and matches 17 branches for both word and kumite class.

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