Volkswagen Beetle, "Indocar Lhokseumawe community"

On a touring trip "Indocar community", a 80-90 year old car enthusiast in Aceh, from Lhokseumawe to Bener Meriah and a stop at a Villa Miliknya Coffee Entrepreneur who has successfully built his business.

Otomotif Photography, Volkswagen Beetle, Black and White Photography, VW Dandim 0103,
Volkswagen Beetle Dandim 0103, a member of "Indocar Lhokseumawe community" in the coffee business villa bener festive in rembele. Photo by, Bambang Junaidi ©2017.
 Volkswagen Beetle, or Volkswagen Type 1, is a small car manufactured by Volkswagen. Also known as VW Beetle in Indonesia or Bug in the United States, or Käfer in Germany. VW Beetle is one of the most easily recognizable cars in the world, due to its distinctive shape, unique sound, and reliability.

Black and White Photography, Otomotif Photography, VW Indocar,
Volkswagen Beetle a member of "Indocar Lhokseumawe community"at a crossroads of Bener Meriah - KKA, Bener Meriah. Photo by, Bambang Junaidi ©2017.
VW Beetle was produced from 1938 to 2003, although it was stopped by World War II. In this long span of time, more than 21 million VW Frogs were made.

In an international poll for the most influential car award, VW Kodok ranks fourth after Ford Model T, Mini and Citroën DS.
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