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Bodybuilder. Photo by, Bambang Junaidi ©2018
This photo was created in 2017.
Sertu Andrianto, he is the bodybuilder of the Indonesian national army troop who served as a babinsa under Korem 011 Lilawansa Lhokseumawe is indicating that he has a solid body to be shown to the public as a part of promotion for this extreme class of sport.

I capture this moment with a simple portrait style and without the use of filters and photoshop edits, I do this to show original from the work of photos that I managed to make in this rare event, with situations and conditions that are difficult to get a picture on the screen with capitalize kit lens that I use when getting the moment and opportunity to photograph this rare moment. Maybe in your place this is normal, but in Lhokseumawe City this moment happened very rare. I can say it like this because in Lhokseumawe City this sport is rarely in the race and sports pengiat is also relatively small.

For more details I submit all the assessment decisions to you the photography lovers and fans of this sport.

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