Photo Bokeh in portrait of flowers

Bokeh photos with flowers as portrait objects taken directly from the branches on the growing trunk and giving up the morning sun at that time I tried to produce a photo of this flower. The concept is macro photos, why? Because the principle of photographing this object by bringing the object closer to the lens as close as possible so that the details of the object being photographed are obtained. Initially is ignoring the bokeh effect that will arise in the resulting image.

Macro Photography,
Photo Bokeh in portrait of flowers
Photo by, Bambang Junaidi ©2018
But without avoiding results that are outside of necessity this can also be used as an additional element in decorating photos that we can create. Making a photo that has a bokeh effect and making macro photos is a distant difference in the principles and concepts of work. However, the final result will be found in common principles that can be equated with the concept.

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