Pre-Wedding Portrait Style of Urban Roads

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Pre-Wedding Portrait Style of Urban Roads
Photo by, Bambang Junaidi ©2018
Pre-Wedding Portrait Style of Urban Roads

You know this is a pre-wedding photo edited. This is a digital image that I tried to work on for my client, where I edited this image myself. Of course there are still many shortcomings there and this is my learning stage to improve the final quality skills from the results of the photo shoot I did.

Digital image is not my style but because of the demands of the client, I have to do it. There is nothing wrong with what we do, it's just that I try to say Digital image is not a genre that I can master.

By taking the background of the unban photography genre that I got from the free internet version then I tried to make changes to my market tastes in Lhokseumawe. Because we know this type of photo is still a scary thing for us to dare to be different here. Once again, there is nothing wrong and needs to be appointed wrong in this matter.

The photo I shared is part of a collection of my work in photography as long as I persevered. Where someday everything will change according to the developments that occur.

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