Stile Life Photography "Portrait of Food"

Portrait of Food

We know photographing is a fun job, it could be just a hobby. But not a few people who want to learn about photography, especially about how to photograph well (to produce an interesting and spectacular picture).
Stile Life Photography, Food Portrait, food and drink
Stile Life Photography "Portrait of Food" Ayam Penyet Product
Photo by, Bambang Junaidi ©2018
Not all of them are also willing to spend a lot of money to acquire this photography knowledge and expertise. Without exception those who study self-taught. But I will not discuss the matter, because we have many who know and know the answers to the problem of photography.

In the results of the drawing that I made this time I want to say that photographing is not easy and not easy as we think, but the most important thing to produce an image of this photography business is our willingness and desire to take pictures and get results maximum image "Good and true according to rules agreed upon by photographic experts".

 food and drink, Stile Life Photography, Macro Photography, Food Portrait
Stile Life Photography "Portrait of Food" Ayam Penyet Product
Photo by, Bambang Junaidi ©2018

In my portrait picture this time I felt quite satisfied because in the sudden shooting conditions and a little time. Because the object being photographed is not the result of my order and I am not asking to arrange the elements in such a way. And what makes me feel satisfied with the results of my photography is that I get the lighting position exactly what I expected to photograph an object like this. Then by chance (luck factor) I got the right view to produce an image like this.

My hope of capturing that I produce can provide new inspiration and you all like what I have made. For your suggestions and views, you are also part of that hope. And I am very open to getting that from you photography lover.

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