Beautiful young woman with Aceh traditional clothing

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Beautiful young woman with Aceh traditional clothing
Photo by, Bambang Junaidi ©2018
Greetings Portrait,
Hi photography lovers, how are you today? I hope everything is in good condition. What are your comments when looking at this photo, I hope you will like and discover new things from my collection of photos here.

This beautiful young woman with traditional Aceh clothing is my mainstay for this week. In shades of green will certainly add a sense of freshness in observing a portrait and beauty results from the model that I present in my post this time.

There are several poses that he can do using this dress, but I just present this one to get comments from you. As for the other poses from this one model with the same clothes, I will show them later.

Continue to follow and give your comments to encourage me and instrospect me in the art of photographing and choosing the right model to be enjoyed in unique nuances.

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