Pusaka Indatu (Stick of Two Dragon Heads)

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Pusaka Indatu (Stick of Two Dragon Heads)
Photo by, Bambang Junaidi ©2018
The portrait of a Stick of Two Dragon Heads which is still kept by the guardian of this ancestral heir appears suddenly in the presence of an unusual audience. Why am I saying this is unusual? Yes, because the presence of the Two-Head Dragon Stick is very unexpected by the people in this place. A glimpse of the background of this portrait is a place on a high plateau and there is a trace of a beko car and it can be concluded that it is a project area in a high-lying area.

The presence of the Two-Head Dragon Stick really shocked some people who did not expect at all this object in this place. If noted, there is indeed an element of intent to present this object. Meanwhile, I as a photographer really did not expect this item to be in that place. But with swiftness, of course, this rare thing is not wasted by me. Of course I just prepared my NIKON D5200 DSLR camera which is already standby to capture these moments.

As a photographer, of course this is an extraordinary thing especially for myself. The Stick of Two Dragon Heads which was once the legend of the most sought after.

I apologize for this photo because I gave the water mark.

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