Beetle On Macro Photography

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Photo by, Bambang Junaidi ©2019

The cute and interesting little animal beetle. On a sunny morning I deliberately looked for this little beetle to capture in my photography. What he was on a grass leaf looking for food that day I found he was standing waiting for me to be photographed as if he knew that I was looking for him to photograph.

Suppose that he is like a celebrity who wants to be exposed in a well-known media in his city so that he does not budge to give the best impression I managed to photograph it in an atmosphere like this. Where he stood still seen droplets of dew hanging on the branches of the leaves of the grass that he landed.

There are not many stories that I can reveal in this photo, just an introduction for you photo lovers to understand the situation and conditions on the day this photo was made. With the results of what I am going forward to you to be seen and we enjoy in our relaxed atmosphere now.

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