Photo by, Bambang Junaidi ©2019

This animal belongs to the pest group for farmers because it likes to eat leaves. but if he is about the size of an adult's index finger this can be used as food by humans. There are positive and negative ones that are embedded in this animal. But this time we are not carrying out the positive or negative presence of this animal that is perched on the leaf she is sitting on.

On this occasion I want to say that this animal is rare in the sense that it is difficult to find in the middle of the city around where we live. So if you want to see these animals then you must at least find a garden or at least shrubs that are near the surrounding area where you still have green plants such as grass and other wild plants.

On this lucky day, I found this grasshopper on a leaf of grass that was still moistened with fresh dew attached to the leaf blade. So without having to think long, I just directed my camera lens towards him to capture this beautiful moment. Hopefully you like it and I hope you can also feel the freshness offered by dew drops that are still attached to the grass.

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