Macro Photography "Flower Pistil"

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Macro Photography "Flower Pistil"
Photo by, Bambang Junaidi ©2019
"Flower Pistil"
On a sunny morning, I came out of the house to enjoy the fresh morning air where the leaves and fresh sweet grass with dew drops were still attached to the tips of the leaves. On that morning I deliberately took the time to find and find a natural object that looks still fresh to be photographed with an atmosphere that is still moistened with morning dew on the plants around me.

Without thinking, I was focused on this plant, which I also did not know the name of this plant. I see it with fresh colors combined with bright green and yellow. I feel it is very suitable to be picked using the DSLR camera that I brought on that day. Because he attracted my attention so much, just just taking a picture of the flower hopefully you also like the results of my portrait.

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