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BBJ Photograph-studio Professional Wedding Photographers & Video We are experienced in wedding photography / video for various customs in Indonesia, both traditional wedding photo, wedding photo / video modern, semi traditional and Unique.

Contact us on contact form or (Mesenger & Whats Up 0852-7577-8081) As our social media to discuss of course what we can do to help present the wedding Photography / video documentation and pre wedding Photography is the most beautiful for you.

With Unique, Elegance, Fun, Happines, Prosperity, etc. in Pre Wedding & Wedding Processes And we are ready to serve and produce photo / video documentation for your beautiful Pre Wedding Mom & Wedding Reception Nan beautiful in precious moments on your Wedding / Wedding with Exclusive and Elegant Collage album. 

BBJ Photography is Professional Photographers & Videography is ready to photograph moment in every wedding posessions and details, for simple and exclusive wedding procession or modern wedding photo / video from wedding ceremony to wedding ceremony event and this surely covers photo and video for bride And the families of the two brides.

Not only that, we also have a variety of portable wedding photo studio to complement your wedding photography facilities and us as a standard benefit for your wedding.

Photo / video wedding.
Our goal is to deliver unique, artistic and unique wedding photo / video of your Wedding procession, giving the most beautiful documentation of the best moments that just happen once in your life, of course to make it easier for you to recall the event in the future because always There is a Beautiful story behind the wedding photos we produce in addition to working on wedding photography.

In our eyes every wedding is unique, for that we will provide and offer you a beautiful & unique wedding photography package for you, BBJ Photograph Professional has the ability to run all aspects in dimension of wedding photo / video and do it yourself by BBJ Photograph studio.

Our ability to process all aspects also allows us to make savings for you, which in the end you have the advantage of our end product at an affordable price and competitive Output. Photo album we produce through the process of editing, retouching and arranging lay out, to the print stage, all controlled by BBJ

BBJ Photograph studio also opens the widest network for wedding organizers, and all related to wedding positions to enjoy excellence service quality and unique end result, beautiful and latest with affordable & relatively cheap price, Currently we are partner Very well with several Organizer events, wedding organizers, Bridal salons and buildings, and we are very accustomed to adhere to business ethics, in maintaining our relationships with partners, for example by working without emblems, at any angle, whether working or in the end result, Even we often give copyrightnya to our partners Image you want.

Whether you want the natural details of every wedding photo / video or wedding photo full of art editing, we will produce whatever you want, images you may never have imagined, the right exposure of the most important moments that may Missed in seconds by you during the wedding procession takes place.

Ease in using high quality technical images that will meet your standards, to be used for web or print, and can be used in the future as family photo memories.

 Free consultation with our staff to find out the needs of your wedding photos / video and technical implementation. With our professional and qualified staff we can ensure that nothing is better for you Trust to document your beautiful & unique memories besides BBJ

Consult the needs of your wedding photo / video with us, the choice is in your hand Contact us immediately contact us.

Remember, Do not let your event be handled by unprofessional ones.


No hidden fees, all fees will be explained to you when booking A good price for you, there are many packages of price options with albums or without exciting wedding photo albums - our photoshopper is ready to pack your wedding photos / videos into photos or videos that High artistic value.


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